Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kinky's Unconscionable Shift to the Far Right

Kinky has ideologically positioned himself on the far right to get the votes of disaffected radical Republicans.

As reported by the Quorum Report, Kinky has pledged on Dan Patrick's right-wing talk radio program that he would not veto Patrick's "trigger bill" to make abortion illegal in Texas immediately upon any reversal of Roe v. Wade by the US Supreme Court.

This puts Kinky to the right of Perry and Strayhorn, who both have refused to commit to signing Patrick's extremist bill.

Chris Bell is the only candidate who would veto Patrick's extremist bill:

“I would veto that,” Bell told The Associated Press on Friday. “I think the majority of Texans are still pro-choice. I don’t think they’re pro-abortion, but they understand that there are instances where that very painful choice is going to have to be made.”... Abortion rights advocates should help “find ways to make it as rare as possible,” Bell said. “But to make it illegal, that’s not the road to go down.”

Kinky also positioned himself well to pick up far right-wing votes when he "stirred up controversy Wednesday when he referred to hurricane evacuees living in Houston as 'crackheads and thugs' who should be escorted out of Texas."

When asked about these comments, Kinky helpfuly explained that "Racism was here before I came around," he said. "I am just trying to bring up these issues within the (expletive) society....As it happens, the crackheads and thugs who remain in Houston after Katrina happen to be black; that's fact."

A few days earlier, Kinky positioned himself to capture right-wing votes on the issue of immigration reform:

He said he supports groups such as the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps because they draw attention to problems on the border.

Asked about his own strategy for securing the border, Friedman said, "I'm not sure. I don't have a plan."

He said he would appoint people who care about the state to develop a plan based on his motto: "Remember the Alamo."

Border safety has deteriorated, Friedman said, because politicians are too afraid to offend Hispanics and get tough on the Mexican government.

On issues ranging from a woman’s sovereignty over her own womb to race to immigration reform, Kinky has flip flopped himself into positions far to the right of all other candidates, including our shamelessly right-wing failed governor.


Blogger Dani said...

Kinky sickens me. If people support him they, too, are part of the problem.

3:50 PM

Blogger Chad Kosacz said...

You guess really hate him, huh? Don't sweat it too much I doubt he will win

1:27 AM

Blogger torr said...

5:36 PM

Blogger TheLongHaul said...

About your claims on Kinky and Dan Patrick:

Figuring this had to be some sort of mistake because Kinky Friedman is pro-choice, I contacted the Friedman Campaign to set the record straight. Here are my email exchanges with Laura Stromberg. I bet few bloggers against Kinky will cover this or retract their statements, or even bother to contact the source to verify the false claims.


Thank you for your note.

The trigger bill statement was an unfortunate mix-up in communication. Kinky is pro-choice. He supports a woman's right to choose. He would veto the kind of bill discussed on Mr. Patrick's show.

Thanks again,

Laura Stromberg
Press Secretary
Kinky Friedman for Governor 2006
512.326.5465 office
512.689.7393 mobile

09/13/2006 11:32 AM


Subject Hello Ms Stromberg

Hello Ms. Stromberg and thanks for all you do.

I am an avid Kinky supporter in Bexar Co, and I also have a pro-Kinky blog. I've been keeping track of anti-kinky blogs, democrat blogs, and republican blogs. A big topic lately has been Kinky and Dan Patrick. Can you explain to me about the "trigger law" and what Kinky thinks about it? I really appreciate what you and everyone else is doing.

Robert Hinojosa

7:54 PM

Blogger StopKinky said...


This is a perfect example of why Kinky’s campaign cannot be trusted

Kinky’s campaign has a history of telling different audiences whatever they want to hear. That’s called pandering, and it is generally not widely respected in adult discussions of politics.

Kinky originally thought that he could run his campaign without addressing many substantive issues. How do I know this? Because Kinky said so:

"I'm not serious about some issues," Friedman said. … getting beyond the quips to learn details of what Friedman would do as governor on critical matters could be a challenge.

"I favor remember the Alamo," Friedman said when asked about his stance on immigration.

Friedman said he had no "specific plans" when it came to the issue in Texas.

"I can give you, 'Oh, I'd do A,B, C and D;' that's nonsense," he said..…

"No, we'll take it under review," Friedman said when asked if he had a plan or feeling on how the state might help out local taxpayers who are bearing costs such as the $22 million Dallas residents spend a year at Parkland Memorial Hospital on illegal immigration health care.

Texas homeowners pay the highest insurance rates in the nation. Yet, as the interview went on, Friedman was low on details to cut them.

"I'd get the career politicians," he said when asked what he would do to lower homeowner insurance premiums. "I'd kick their [expletive] out of politics. That's what I'd do."

But while kicking politicians out, Friedman said he would like to put back in the Ten Commandments and mandatory prayer for students in Texas public schools despite court rulings to the contrary.…

"All the little issues you're talking about are all (expletive)," he said. "It's all (expletives). That's the key. Okay, I mean, you can talk about, 'And I would deregulate this; and my plans is to give a seven percent raise on the textbook.' It's all (expletive) because the people who are doing this are crooks and they're corrupt and they don't give a (expletive) about the people of Texas."

This disdain for telling people what he would actually do as governor lies at the heart of Kinky’s campaign.

Kinky’s belief that he didn’t have to address substantive issues is why he spent the first year of his campaign answering every question about abortion with the line "I'm not pro-life, and I'm not pro-choice. I'm pro-football!"

Yet when Kinky is later cornered into telling Texas voters what he would do about abortion, he has no clue:

"Are Texas laws too restrictive for adult women? Would you favor adding new restrictions or repealing current ones?
Friedman: I have mixed feelings on parental notification. On the counseling requirement, I'm not sure, but I know the less I talk to social workers, the better. No issue with the public-funding restrictions, but I would want to investigate further."

Kinky’s lack of any fundamental understanding of issues which are important to many Texas voters is a problem (not you or Kinky, but those of us who have been voting in Texas for at least a decade). This is why Kinky pledged on Dan Patrick's right-wing talk radio program that he would not veto Patrick's "trigger bill" to make abortion illegal in Texas immediately upon any reversal of Roe v. Wade by the US Supreme Court. He said that because he doesn’t know any better.

The reason why Kinky’s campaign told you a different story than Kinky told Dan Patrick’s huge radio audience is because Kinky’s internet campaign is reaching out to moderate voters while Kinky courts the far right wing. Kinky and his campaign put out conflicting messages all the time. Kinky tells right-wing audiences he’s an anti-abortion, anti-immigration, Bush-voting, pro-war, pro-death penalty, pray-in-school conservative and Kinky and his internet campaign tells a moderate or progressive audience that Kinky is a pro-choice, pro-immigration-amnesty, anti-death penalty, Gore-voting, Ann Richards-voting moderate.

One of these views is a lie.

Kinky’s pattern of telling different audiences the opposite story about various issues is a result of this fundamentally anti-substance vacuous campaign.

This is why Kinky tells regular folks "I am not anti-death penalty."

But Kinky tells advocates against the death penalty "Let's do away with the death penalty."

This is why Kinky’s campaign will issue a press release saying " Kinky Friedman today said he ... supports a portion of the House bill, which calls for the construction of 700 miles of security fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and which would make illegal immigration a felony."

But when someone questions Kinky about it, Kinky says "he never called immigrants felons, calling a reporter ‘full of (expletive)’ before apologizing... a spokeswoman said the initial statement was posted erroneously."

This is why Kinky’s campaign will file an ethics complaint asking "Travis County prosecutors to investigate Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn for possibly misusing state employees to help her campaign."

But a week later you hear Kinky blame his staff with the announcement that "Kinky Friedman on Saturday disavowed the criminal complaint that his campaign for governor filed against independent rival Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, but Friedman declined to withdraw the complaint or apologize to Strayhorn."

Most problematically, this is why Kinky you see Kinky give interviews like this
"Who did you vote for in 2000?
Friedman: I voted for Gore then."

When the truth is, "According to Kerr County voting records, Friedman voted in the 2004 presidential general election but not in any other contest since 1994."

I am not the LEAST BIT SURPRISED that Kinky’s campaign manager told you the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Kinky told Dan Patrick’s very large and very conservative radio audience. I would be surprised if Kinky went back on Dan Patrick’s show to retract his support for Dan Patrick’s proposed anti-abortion trigger law.

Robert, I mean this sincerely: I think that the person whose pro-choice values you respect is Laura Stromberg, not Kinky. If Laura was the candidate, not Kinky, we'd be having a different debate. I don't doubt that she is pro-choice. Kinky, on the other hand, is equally pro-choice as Perry, which is to say that he wouldn't outlaw abortion, but he'd be receptive to any limits short of outlawing it.

11:52 AM

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