Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kinky "will end up in the single digits"

For the second time in two months, Texas Monthly has yet another detailed election analysis (from a different analyst) confirming that Kinky has no chance:

"Nobody in the business of politics gives Kinky Friedman a chance to win, including me. … Perry’s strategists say that Friedman’s negatives are twice as high as his positives…. The model for his race, of course, is wrestler Jesse Ventura’s upset victory as the standard-bearer for Minnesota’s Independence party, then known as the Reform party, in that state’s three-way governor’s race of 1998…[but] as many observers have noted, the rules in Minnesota are far different from those here. Minnesota has instant voter registration, so young male wrestling fans could walk into the polls on Election Day and vote for their guy. That can’t happen in Texas. Another night-and-day difference between Minnesota and Texas is that the former has public financing of state elections while Texas, of course, does not. Friedman will benefit from plenty of free media coverage, but the conventional wisdom is that he will end up in the single digits."