Monday, April 10, 2006

Regret Signing Kinky's Petition? Fix It!

If you have signed Kinky's petition and you now regret it, you can fix that mistake simply by voting in the runoff election on April 11.

Here is how the Texas Secretary of State explains the situation:

Q. If I sign an independent candidate’s petition after the primary and then vote in a party primary runoff. What happens to my signature?

A. If the party you voted in had a nominee for the same office sought by the independent candidate at either the primary or primary runoff election, your signature is void.

That means you can vote in the Republican Party runoff where there is an interesting race for Court of Criminal Appeals Judge between Terry Keel and Charles Holcomb, and by voting in this runoff you can erase your signature on Kinky's petition.

Or you can vote in the Democratic Party runoff where there is an interesting race between a serious candidate for US Senator like Barbara Ann Radnofsky versus a vanity candidacy from Gene Kelly (he's not the song and dance man -- that guy's dead) and between two serious candidates for Lieutenant Governor: Ben Grant and Maria Luisa Alvarado. So if you regret signing Kinky's petition, you can fix that error by voting in this runoff election.

If you vote in either runoff election on April 11, that vote will have the effect of retroactively nullifying your ballot petition signature (Which reminds me, has Kinky ever said whether he favors the wider availability of the morning after emergency contraception pill? Nope).

If you have signed Kinky's petition and you don't regret it, "why the hell not"? (catchy phrase!)

Here are ten reasons not to sign Kinky's petition (or to vote in the runoff to nullify your signature if you have signed the petition):

1. Kinky's own website quotes Kinky telling the New York Times, "I'm not pro-choice." Elsewhere on Kinky's website he simultaneously claims to believe in a woman's right to choose (apparently, Kinky's also believes he can have his cake and eat it, too).

2. At a recent death penalty trial, Kinky testified under oath that although "he used to support the death penalty, Friedman told jurors he's now against it." Yet Kinky's website also says "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty."

3. Kinky gave an interview to Susannah McNeely of Ruminator magazine where Kinky said "I voted for Gore" in 2000: "I was conflicted ... but I was not for Bush that time. Since then, though, we’ve become friends. And that’s what’s changed things.... I agree with most of his political positions overseas, his foreign policy.... What he’s been doing in the Near East and in the Middle East, he’s handling that well, I think." Yet that's clearly a lie because according to Kerr County voting records, Friedman voted in the 2004 presidential general election but not in any other contest since 1994.

4. Kinky wants to take money generated from sales tax and other state revenue sources and give that money away only to Texas property owning corporations and people with those owning the most valuable property getting the biggest windfall (Live in an apartment? Tough! Do you live in a modest house? Too bad!).

5. On a November 8, 2005, Kinky appeared on a nationally televised CNBC news program, where he was asked about his views on criminal punishment. Kinky replied, "Throw 'em in prison and throw away the key, and make 'em listen to a Negro talking to himself." When asked whether his use of the word "Negro" was racist, Kinky replied "no ... it's a charming word."

6. Kinky would address Texas' public education funding crisis by letting "the corporate sector bid on funding athletics." (What exactly does Kinky think the corporations will be getting from our children in exchange for their high bids?)

7. Kinky proposes to deal with immigration issues by building a wall along the Texas-Mexico border and by outsource our border security to five Mexican generals who we'd pay based on how successfully their armed thugs kept immigrants from crossing our border.

8. Kinky supports school prayer and posting the Ten Commandments in Texas classrooms (no word on whether Kinky has decided to post the Hebrew, Catholic, or Protestant version of the "Ten Commandments").

9. Kinky hasn't even gotten on the ballot yet, and he's already made plans to offer top political appointments to his biggest campaign contributors.

10. Kinky's candidacy is aimed a drawing votes from young independant voters who do not know where he stands on many issues, and yet Kinky has run for office before (as a Republican, not an independant), the only time Kinky said he voted for a Democrat in the past decade it turned out that Kinky lied and he actually didn't vote but when Kinky said he voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004 that proved to be the truth, Kinky has numerous Perry-supporting Republicans financially backing his petition drive, and if Kinky can draw off any significant number of independant votes, his candidacy will have the nearly certain effect of guaranteeing the re-election of arch-villain Rick Perry.


Blogger glenda said...

So i gather you don't like Kinky?

If we had a Dem worth voting for with a spine in this country, so many wouldn't be abdicating from politics.

The Republicrats are Nazis and the Dempussilients have turned their backs on us. Give me one good reason, please, why I should get behind the Dem for Gov in Texas...

12:43 PM

Blogger StopKinky said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:47 PM

Blogger StopKinky said...


I try not to get too partisan here at Stop Kinky. If you are for Bell: great. If you are for Carole K-M-R-S: great. If you are a Green or Libertarian: great. If you are for Perry -- well, maybe we need to talk. And even if you are for Kinky, that's fine with me as long as you know who you are signing up with.

But since you asked me specifically for one good reason to get behind Chris Bell, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Texas, I'll give it a try.

For me, if someone was going to get behind Bell's candidacy, I think the best reason would be his record as an enemy of political corruption.

From the beginning of Bell's public service career on the Houston City Council in the '90s, Bell has fought hard against improper lobbying practices, insider deals, and other corruption. As chairman of the city’s ethics committee, Bell passed tougher ethics rules, anti-lobbying regulations, and campaign finance reform to limit political action committee money in city elections.

In Congress, Bell was an effective representative and so he was one of Tom DeLay's top targets in the questionable mid-decade redistricting plan that is now under court review and criminal investigation. Where all of the other representatives stood on the sidelines while DeLay gerrymandered their districts, Bell -- with his long history of fighting government corruption -- filed a formal ethics complaint against DeLay. Bell was the first representative in almost a decade to stand up to ethical abuses in Congress.

As a direct result of Bell's stand against DeLay's ethics abuses, the house ethics committee censured DeLay and a criminal investigation was opened. Bell deserves much of the credit for tearing down DeLay's empire of corruption.

Now, I look at the Texas Legislature, and I think we could use a governor with a proven record of fighting against improper lobbying, campaign finance abuses, and outright corruption.

I'm not saying that Bell is the only candidate, but if you were looking for one reason to support Bell, I think this is one hell of a good reason.

1:51 PM

Blogger Bradley Bowen said...

Great post. Thanks for keeping the word out there about the real Kinky so people know who they are signing for.

6:31 PM

Anonymous Just Found This Garbage said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:32 PM

Blogger Angry Cock said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:55 PM

Anonymous Kimberly said...

You said: "2. At a recent death penalty trial, Kinky testified under oath that although "he used to support the death penalty, Friedman told jurors he's now against it." Yet Kinky's website also says "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty."

Actually, the full statement from Kinky's website is: "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty, but he IS "anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed." Texas needs to take a serious look at the way it implements capital punishment--no one in this state wants the blood of innocent people on their hands."

Giving the full quote doesn't quite fulfill your purpose here, does it?

10:33 PM

Blogger StopKinky said...


I'm glad that you pointed out that Kinky has taken the politically daring stance to declare himself "anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed." You seem impressed by this statement. Perhaps I would be equally impressed if I could identify even one candidate for any office in any city, county, or state in the USA that is "pro-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed."

Isn't this like being anti-cannibalism or anti-child abuse? Are you genuinely impressed that Kinky is opposed to executing innocent people? For me, that's not very controversial.

12:12 AM

Blogger StopKinky said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:14 AM

Blogger Angry Cock said...

AND!... And didja know Kinky, like George W. and Molly Ivins, Kinky wasn't even born in Texas? The fraud!

But seriously folks, if you want more of the same ideas with more of the same impotency in Texas politics, you do have a choice: Perry, whoever the democrat is, or Strayhorn. Otherwise, go with Willie Nelson's pick and don't look back.

This site administrator seems to want to prevent Kinky from even getting on the ballot. Why? If your man (or woman) is such a great guy, let him face the Kinky in the general election.

May I also observe the site administrator is deleting lots of comments? I should know. One of them was mine from yesterday. Why fear the dialogue?

4:13 AM

Blogger StopKinky said...

U Thant:

I generally delete comments that have profanity, which contain false statements, or which flame without advancing any debate or questions. You will see that there are many comments which take different views of Kinky.

5:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many people who want to prevent Kinky from getting on the ballot. If you have to ask why, read this.

6:04 AM

Anonymous Kimberly said...

stopkinky said:
"I'm glad that you pointed out that Kinky has taken the politically daring stance to declare himself "anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed." You seem impressed by this statement."

Um - nope, no place in my comment does it say I'm "impressed" with this statement.

Please don't make assumptions about what my opinions may be. In truth, I'm undecided right now on who I support in the Governor's race.

I just wanted to point out that you offered an incomplete, out of context quote from Kinky's website. The full statement changes the meaning a little bit. You only quoted the snippet that you could utilize to serve your purpose.

11:52 AM

Blogger StopKinky said...


I'm not sure you are aware of this, but the list of "ten reasons not to sign Kinky's petition" is a summary of several different topics which are discussed in more depth elsewhere on this blog. When you summarize something, you have to choose which points to include and which to exclude; that's the nature of a summary.

The more complete discussion of Kinky's flip flop on the death penalty has links to both the ABC news story about Kinky's sworn testimony that he's anti-death penalty and the CBS news story where Kinky says he's not anti-death penalty (so anyone who wants to see the whole context is just one click away from either source):


At a recent death penalty trial, Kinky testified under oath that although "he used to support the death penalty, Friedman told jurors he's now against it."

Yet Kinky's website says "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty," and this blatant contradiction of Kinky's testimony under oath is exactly what Kinky told CBS News.

I'm curious. Do you find anything inconsistent with Kinky's sworn testimony that he's anti-death penalty and the CBS news story and Kinky's website whick both contain Kinky declaration that he's not anti-death penalty?

12:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how right-wing this site is. In several places the author has said "I'm not pro-choice." and "I'm not anti-death penalty."

2:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah the flip flop. Is there a more hackneyed and meaningless political metaphor?

2:59 PM

Anonymous Wogglebug said...

Glenda, you want one good reason to get behind Chris Bell?

How about Carole 4n3p, Perry Goodhair, and Stinky Kinky ALL VOTED FOR BUSH IN 2004. Good enough for me.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

summarizing a quote, and deliberately leaving out information that doesn't suit your needs are two entirely different matters.

Any voter who wants to be well informed should question the candidates for themselves, not take the word of some self important blogger.

3:04 PM

Anonymous Wogglebug said...

I agree about the term flip flop. I prefer the term lie.

A flip flop is when a candidate with no convictions about a key issue changes positions depending on who he is talking to.

Telling someone who you voted for in 2000 when you didn't really vote isn't a flip flop -- it's just a plain old lie.

Having contradictory positions on the death penalty is only a flip flop if you have one view and then change to the other view. When you simultaneously tell different people conflicting stories about your beliefs at the same time, that's just a plain lie.

3:08 PM

Anonymous TexIndependent said...

Kinky's website says "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty, but he IS 'anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed.'"
I'm surprised that stopkinky left the part of the quote where Kinky's website says he's "anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed" because that statement proves Kinky is a complete moron!

Is there any rational person who could read this statement from Kinky's website and doubt the jist of the statement is that "Kinky is not anti-death-penalty." If you have read Kinky's website to indicate that Kinky has any other opinion about the death penalty, you need to put down to Koolaid and go home.

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a hard time thinking about voting for someone named "Kinky" whatever his views may be, but on this point I agree even though it's not a political issue.
Ban the declawing of cats and making them defenseless. They can be taught not to scratch the furniture. They have no say in the removal of their claws and that's not fair! If Kinky has a soft spot for cats' rights, he can't be all bad!

8:51 PM


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