Friday, April 28, 2006

Kinky's Latest Anti-Immigration Nonsense

“Mexico is not a poor country....All of these politicians are afraid of offending Hispanics.”


Anonymous Right of Texas said...

He MAKES facts up out of thin air.

I am baffled that he is leading Bell now in there one reader of the blogs, or one blog for that matter who defends him?

This guy's a pathological liar.

10:05 PM

Anonymous Jerry said...

Friedman is ahead of Bell in some polls now only because he is forced to actually have a campaign of sorts due to the requirements connected to getting on the ballot. Bell isn't in the same position, and therefore isn't spending money yet.

I'm all for having MORE people in these races, and wish Friedman the best. My problem comes only where I see progressives supporting him and believing that his is a true progressive campaign. There is actually very little to support this belief, unfortunately.

I think much of this will come to life after he ceases to need the college students (who tend to be more progressive) to help with the petition drive. He's already made plenty of statements to make this apparent...

8:13 PM

Blogger StopKinky said...

I agree with RoT and Jerry.

I would have no beef with Kinky if he would (1) quit obfuscating and dodging when people ask him serious questions about where he stands on key issues and (2) stop targeting his petition drive at people who would be appalled if they knew what nonsense he has actually said about the issues that are important to them.

Kinky’s campaign requires him to fudge on the issues (when he’s not outright taking two different and conflicting positions depending on what his audience of the day wants to hear) because the truth is that there are not very many people who support both biodiesel and mandatory school prayer and not many people who simultaneously support liberal animal rights laws while advocating right-wing anti-immigration legislation. There just isn’t a constituency for such nonsense.

8:59 AM


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