Friday, March 24, 2006

Rodriguez Spots the Holes in Kinky's Platform

At the San Antonio Express-News, Ken Rodriguez spots the holes in Kinky’s cotton candy wisp of a platform.

Rodriguez begins with a sharp observation of the hypocrisy at the core of Kinky’s campaign: “In a small auditorium at UTSA, Kinky 'I'm Not A Politician' Friedman is stumping for political support.”

Then Rodriguez gets to the heart of the problem:

one student after another asks a question. They want specifics.
What, for example, does Kinky propose to do about illegal immigrants in Texas?
"First, we need to focus on the problem," Kinky says.
And then?
Then Kinky rambles and changes the subject....
Next question?
Kinky's campaign quips beg lots of questions. He provides few answers.
To wit: He says he favors returning prayer to schools. He says he wants to restore the Ten Commandments in classrooms. "It's not right for one atheist to throw prayer out," Kinky says.
But when a student asks how he plans to bring back prayer, Kinky, for a moment, turns silent and pale. Like maybe he swallowed a red-hot chili pepper and doesn't know where to find a beer to douse the fire.
"I'm running for governor, not God," Kinky finally says. "I'm not going to shove prayer down anyone's throat."
Applause. Only Kinky can get a liberal audience to cheer a conservative idea that lacks a plan.…
A young lady wants to know how Kinky would address the health care crisis in small cities.
Kinky rattles off lots of words, but offers no plan.
"I'm being very general here," he says.
Translation: He has no idea….

Ken Rodriguez: Kinky's platform: Ideas and answers as meaty as cotton candy.


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